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A trip to South Korea to investigate the recycling of waste metal cans

the "recycling of metal cans" delegation jointly organized by the metal container committee of China Packaging Federation and ORG canmaking, led by guanyuxiang, vice president of China Packaging Federation and chairman of ORG canmaking, From August 10 to 14, 2006, he went to Seoul, South Korea to visit and investigate the "Korea metal can recycling association". Members of the delegation include: xiaochangxing, former chairman of the Standing Committee of Huairou District People's Congress of Beijing, zhouyunjie, chairman of the metal container committee of China Packaging Federation and President of ORG canmaking, Zhang Hong, Secretary General of the metal container committee of China Packaging Federation, zouzuye, President of Beijing Packaging Technology Association, Li Jinghua, secretary general, wangshuhua, President of Beijing Women Entrepreneurs Association, and Zhu Jianglian, director of Org president's office. The delegation paid a visit to the "Korean metal can resources association", a legal person of the association, which is located in Seoul, the capital of South Korea. It was warmly received by Mr. Yin Chongquan, the executive director of the association. The development space and ecological environment of the enterprise were relatively improved. As the founder of the association, Mr. Yin made a detailed introduction to the establishment, development and current situation of the association: the association mainly performed the obligation of recycling metal cans by analyzing and exposing the gene details and functions of the two enzymes, so as to promote the effective utilization and recycling of metal cans. Make contributions to the national economic development and the prosperity of national life by saving resources and environmental protection, and enhance the rights and interests of members. The association has been struggling for 12 years since its establishment in 1994. It has been hard, bumpy and developing all the way

Mr. Yin believes that the state should first formulate relevant laws and relevant supporting policies for the recycling and reuse of metal cans. For example, South Korea has also formulated a series of highly operational regulations, such as recycling methods and standards, and methods for performing recycling obligations, according to the law on promoting the conservation and reuse of resources formulated by implementing the producer recycling system (EPR). At present, there are 486 companies participating in the association, including 4 companies producing raw materials, 37 can making enterprises and 442 users of metal can products. In order to recycle the abandoned empty metal cans, 37 recycling companies are entrusted by the association and distributed throughout the country. The association also has two recycling and processing plants near Seoul

in order to make "waste recycling" truly popular among the people, publicity and education work is also very important. We believe that we should start from children and let children receive good education in protecting the environment, protecting resources and turning waste into treasure. To this end, our association built the "propaganda exhibition hall of metal can recycling base" in 2005. In order to attract the interest of children, our headquarters, referred to as "CRA" in English, is used as the shape of the external outline of the building. The metal cans are vividly, vividly, popularly and interactively displayed to children from the whole process of production, circulation, consumption, abandonment, recycling and reuse, so that they can be educated from an early age

after a heated discussion and exchange between the two sides, zouzuye, President of Beijing Packaging Technology Association, said: through the introduction of Mr. Yin Chongquan, we have a deep understanding of the socialized recycling and resource utilization of waste metal cans in South Korea. He expressed admiration and appreciation for the tenacious spirit, hard work and fruitful achievements of the Korean Metal Resources Association, which has been committed to exploring and developing this cause and industry for more than ten years. The Korean metal can resources association has established and carried forward the concept of waste recycling and the social awareness of the industry, communicated and helped the government to improve relevant environmental legal policies, contacted, organized and coordinated the production, use, consumption, recycling and sales of metal cans, established an industrial chain and value chain of secondary resources, especially creatively carried out publicity and education activities targeting children, These have given us a lot of useful enlightenment

Zou Huichang also said: the Chinese government and industry have deeply recognized the challenge of resource and environmental pressure to China's sustainable development, and are vigorously promoting the development of circular economy. The National People's Congress has initiated the legislative process of the "circular economy law", and the central and local governments have promoted key industries and enterprises to carry out demonstration and pilot work. A number of enterprises have also actively participated in the research and implementation of waste recycling and recycling, and industry associations are also organizing and promoting efforts. It is believed that the experience of recycling and recycling of metal cans in Korea, especially the entity operation mechanism played by the association, will be of practical significance to us

China, South Korea and Japan are major producers and consumers of metal packaging materials and metal cans in East Asia, and should also become major countries in metal can recycling and resource utilization. We hope that industry associations in China, South Korea and Japan can further strengthen information communication, experience exchange, technology and standardization cooperation. Make positive contributions to the economic, social, environmental and sustainable development of East Asia, Asia and even the world. Executive director yinchongquan agreed with President zouzuye's speech

accompanied by executive director Yin Chongquan, the delegation visited the "propaganda exhibition hall of metal can recycling base". The appearance of the exhibition hall is unique and interesting: from a distance, it is the English abbreviation "CRA" of the association, and the contents of the exhibition are full of humanized features, including animation, film and television, handicrafts with national characteristics made of various packaging wastes, art sculptures, abstract modeling works, models, etc. many exhibits have interactive effects. Through the model, the whole process of production, circulation, consumption, abandonment, recycling and reuse of metal cans is vividly, vividly and popularly displayed in front of children. We feel that not only children but also adults will be deeply taught. Jinan experimental machine factory will cultivate and learn relevant knowledge based on the principle of manufacturer production

the delegation visited the "Korea metal can renewable resources association" and the waste metal can treatment plant. The workers in the workshop unpack the recycled metal cans and put them into the conveyor belt. During the operation, the iron cans are sorted out by magnetic devices, and then the aluminum cans and other wastes are sorted manually. The iron cans and aluminum cans are compressed and packed into shapes by pressure packers, and then sold to iron and steel plants and smelting plants respectively. 30% of the proceeds is the management fee of the association, and the remaining 70% will be returned to the recycling company as a collection fee

this trip to Korea has been greatly inspired. We believe that in the future, as an industry association, we should actively promote the work of "packaging waste recycling" with the support of the Chinese government in formulating laws, regulations and policies. Members are encouraged to actively participate, identify producers, strengthen product structure adjustment and technological innovation of enterprises, establish and improve the recycling system of packaging waste, especially metal packaging waste, starting from cleaner production and environmental protection, so as to unify economic benefits and environmental benefits, so as to promote the development of circular economy

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