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Reveal the truth about the Dell xps13 9305 evaluation and experience how the Dell xps13 9305 is recommended by the evaluation. A certain Eastern plant planted the Dell xps13 9305. Now I share my personal experience of using this Dell xps13 9305 for a period of time: it is very thin, runs smoothly, and has a good screen. It is a little amazing. I am also very satisfied with giving it to my wife. Dell is a big brand with guaranteed quality. The lightning 4 interface has not been used. You need to buy an adapter before you can use the disk. If there are multiple U disk ports, it is good. Or you can use the lightning 4 port U disk

turn to old users for comments to see if there are many running faults in normal times

I. Dell xps13 9305 JD event quotation:

JD price: ¥ 9499.00

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III. Dell xps13 9305 other user comments:

1. The overall workmanship is exquisite, 13 However, the 4-inch 4K display is amazing, the weight below 1.3 is easy to carry on business trips, and the 11 generation i7 processor with 16g memory runs very fast. In short, I am very satisfied

"heguoliang, chairman of Guoliang copper, said that

2. It is perfect! It's very light. In addition, the testing of rubber tensile properties requires that several tensile values in the stretching process are very strong. I have always been an XPS user. I wrote it in the IT shopping guide of lexuezhai. I feel that although the appearance is similar to that of xps13 a few years ago, there are many optimizations. Increase the quantity without increasing the price. Type C is plugged into a set of monitors purchased by other customers but with low quality. It can be charged and connected to the screen. It is very convenient, and there is no extra cable. I like it very much

3. The appearance is very beautiful. I can't put it down. The computer speed is very fast. Great?! The 500g hard disk is a little small. It is recommended to buy a 1TB hard disk

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