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Sany service story: "brother Sha's Ramadan service"

Sany service story users responded that there was oil leakage: "brother Sha's Ramadan service"

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Guide: Sha Pengjun, a native of Dali, Yunnan. Customers like to affectionately call him master Sha. He was born in 1991 to promote the plastic industry to move towards the high end. His height soared to 1.9 meters. With years of field service, he has a dark complexion and a sincere personality. He really feels like younger martial brother Sha. On July 10, the three of us were involved in digging machines

Sha Pengjun, a native of Dali, Yunnan Province, is affectionately called "master Sha" by customers. He was born in 1991. His height soared to 1.9 meters. With years of field service, he has a dark complexion and a sincere personality. He really feels like a "younger martial brother Sha"

on July 10, the three of us came to Dali to investigate new excavator products, and Sha Pengjun helped us. It happens that this day is also the first day of the Muslim holy month of Ramadan. Fasting people cannot eat or drink from the dawn until after sunset, which is a double test of their body and willpower. Shapengjun is a devout Muslim. He hasn't eaten since more than four o'clock in the morning

in the morning, shapengjun came to the hotel to pick us up and set out. The destination was 150 kilometers away. Along the Yunnan Tibet line, the scenery was beautiful, but the road was very difficult to walk. The mountain road was 18 turns, and the service car was moving forward in a bumpy way. Dali, Yunnan Province, is more than 2400 meters above sea level. The excavator is located on the top of the mountain. When it arrived at the construction site, it was already more than 1:00 p.m. when the door was opened, a dry heat came with flying dust. The sun scorched every inch of exposed skin. It happened that the equipment had reached the 500 hour maintenance node. After we inspected the equipment and completed the research, shapengjun had prepared the maintenance parts and started to maintain the equipment. According to the maintenance process, the equipment maintenance at the 500 hour node will take at least one and a half hours. Shajunpeng squats on the engine, sweating through his red T-shirt. The wind on the top of the mountain picked up the soil on the ground and beat him recklessly, but this did not affect his work. When filling the engine oil, the 18L oil barrel was like a toy in his hands, very flexible and light

at the end of the maintenance, it was more than three o'clock in the afternoon. The three of us had several bottles of underwater stomach. We were so hungry that we stuck our chest to our stomach. Sha Pengjun hasn't had any water since 4 o'clock in the morning. After going down the mountain, we drove to national highway 214. There were more restaurants. We found a restaurant and had a full meal with good thermal conductivity (5000wm ⑴ K ⑴). Shajunpeng didn't go with us, but lay down in the car to have a rest. When we got on the bus, we saw that his face was stained with sweat and his lips were chapped due to thirst. However, he didn't care and was busy communicating with customers

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