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Trump's response to the withdrawal of the order to hit Iran: it would cause 150 deaths, which is "not equal" to shooting down the UAV

[global report Cui Tianye] on the 21st, US President trump sent four tweets in a row to talk about the situation with Iran. Among them, when talking about the sudden decision to withdraw fighter planes that have been dispatched to attack Iran on the evening of the 20th, trump said that he learned that this action may cause 150 deaths, which is "not equal" to Iran's shooting down of the US drone

trump wrote on Twitter: "on Monday, they (Iran) shot down a UAV flying in international airspace. Last night, we had locked the target, loaded the bullets, and prepared to retaliate from three kinds of sights (RT thinks it is 3 sites anti-corrosion, that is, 3 sites). I asked how many people might die. A general said, '150 people, sir'. I stopped the attack 10 minutes before it was officially launched. This (retaliatory attack) was closely related to (Iran) shooting down a drone is not equal. I am not in a hurry. Our army is rebuilt, brand-new, and ready to continuously improve its international competitiveness. It is also the best in the world at present. Sanctions are working, and more sanctions were added last night. Iran can never possess nuclear weapons, never confront the United States, and never confront the whole world! "

Trump's Twitter screenshot

according to a previous report in the New York Times, US military and diplomatic officials were waiting for trump to order a military strike as of 19:00 local time on the evening of the 20th. According to several sources familiar with the situation, Trump's security advisers and congressional leaders had a heated debate in the White House on whether to attack Iran militarily. According to the source, trump has agreed to strike several Iranian targets, including radar stations and missile positions

the New York Times said that the action was launched immediately. The number of "pressure replenishment" in the operation stage depended on the material and manufacturing quality of the packaging bag, but was stopped at the initial stage. The US official, as a source of information, said that the warplanes have been lifted off and the warships have been in place, but the missiles have not yet been launched

the New York Times said that it is still unclear what caused trump to change his attention and whether this means a change in the White House policy. It is also unknown whether there will be military strikes in the future

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