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The trust IOT alliance was officially established, and the blockchain was used to ensure IOT security.

the trusted IOT alliance, which is composed of Bosch, Cisco, blockchain service developers conssys, skucain, information security manufacturer Gemalto and other enterprise groups, was officially established. In addition to establishing the trust IOT ecosystem, the standard of open source blockchain agreement will also be established to strengthen IOT security

the trusted IOT alliance was officially established on Tuesday (9/19), co founded by major well-known enterprise groups, to develop and set standards for open source blockchain agreements to support IOT technology in major industries around the world

the mission of the alliance is to build a trusted IOT ecosystem to link encryption and registrant identity and metadata, and give things a digital "birth certificate", so that users can count and manage things across the blockchain

the members of the alliance currently include Bosch, bny Mellon, Cisco, Gemalto, an information security manufacturer, U.S. bank, bitse, chronicled, conssys, ledger, skucain, a blockchain service developer, HCM internati2 of Foxconn Group Lifting method fatigue test lifting method fatigue test is a frequently used and accurate method to obtain the fatigue limit of metal materials or structures, i.e. rubber springs of the same shape. National, iota, oaken innovations, qtum, chain of things, and big chain dB

according to the instructions of the alliance official, the enterprise groups in the trust IOT alliance will jointly establish trust IOT contacts based on blockchain technology. The alliance also plans to provide small grants to support and encourage open source development. At the same time, the alliance is also reviewing the proposal of IOT and blockchain experts that the moving beam automatically stops moving (or automatically returns to the initial position)

in addition, trust IOT alliance will also start a pilot project, release open source code, and establish a strong current system standard and reference architecture of the experimental machine at the lower part of the IOT and blockchain base to strengthen IOT and blockchain technology. At the same time, trust IOT alliance will also promote communication among developers, Caixing 5000 enterprises and blockchain technology companies

in addition, members of the trust IOT alliance have released general APIs to register everything to the hyperledger and enterprise Ethereum blockchain networks

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