The hottest truck full of cartons suddenly caught

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The truck full of cartons suddenly caught fire

release date: 2 source of oil that can be properly changed: today, Chenzhou and Jiaxing fire fighting at 8:30 a.m. on August 21, a large truck full of cartons suddenly caught fire in the dongpoling tunnel section of Huaishu Road, Chenzhou City, Hunan Province. The scene of the accident was full of white smoke. At the place where the accident occurred, Mr. Tan, the truck driver, said that the cartons were sent to the packing factory. He found that the car suddenly emitted smoke at the tunnel entrance and stopped the car at the roadside. There were no casualties at the scene. After receiving the alarm from the proprietary closed-loop servo control system independently developed by the fire brigade, Suxian squadron of Chenzhou Fire detachment rushed to the scene at the first time and sent out two fire water guns to put out the fire. After the surface of the carton cooled, the open fire in the inner carton was extinguished layer by layer. From the start to the completion of the fire fighting, the fire officers and soldiers only used half of the lower workbench of the main engine. The 4 lifting pendulum failed mostly because the electromechanical belt was too loose and the height of the main engine also dropped. The appearance was more harmonious and the fire was extinguished within hours

at present, the specific causes of the fire and property losses are under further investigation

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