Tips for purchasing seamless wallcovering

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Seamless wallcovering purchase secret

seamless wallcovering purchase secret

seamless wallcovering, as one of the categories of wall materials, as an emerging industry, the market share is not very high. This is because most people's understanding of seamless wallcovering is still on wallpaper. Seamless wallcovering products have long been upgraded beyond the use of wallpaper, high technology and new materials in terms of environmental protection performance, durability and color retention, Continuously improve the performance of seamless wall cloth. In this decoration season, let's get out of the traditional misunderstanding of seamless wallcovering and experience the new feeling of home brought by seamless wallcovering

pay attention to the following five points when choosing seamless wallcovering

1: environmental protection is the primary condition for choosing seamless wallcovering. Seamless wall cloth is divided into a variety of raw materials. In the family, try not to choose synthetic wall cloth, because the environmental protection performance of synthetic wall cloth is worse than that of natural fabric wall cloth, especially those that smell plastic

2: the quality of wall cloth cannot be judged simply by the price. At present, the prices of many seamless wall fabrics are frighteningly high, even reaching several thousand yuan per square meter. Therefore, consumers need to know more about the professional knowledge of choosing wall fabrics, and make more comparisons when choosing, especially learn to identify the best of real wall fabrics. For example, the highly representative bulaimei wall fabric has many advantages, such as high environmental protection, high ventilation, scrub resistance, stable coloring, etc

3: consider the whole when choosing seamless wall cloth. After it is spread in a large area, it may match the room or be inconsistent with the overall style of the room and furniture, so the choice of wall cloth should start from the whole. First determine your favorite style, and then start from the color, pattern and characteristics of seamless wall cloth, so that it varies from person to person and from room to room. Generally, each room selects different decors and colors of wall cloth according to different functions. At the same time, you must get a feeling of the favorite wall cloth at the backlight place 2 meters away

4: the specification of narrow wall cloth is generally 0.53 m wide and 10 m long; Now the seamless wall cloth is a whole piece of paving, without seams. The specification is infinite width. Bulaimei wall cloth is such a seamless wall cloth. In the actual pasting, there is a reasonable loss of 10% - 20% of the wall cloth. At the same time, the construction technology of the wall cloth is relatively complex. It is recommended to find professional workers to pave

note 5: water based environmental protection glue must be used for the paving of wall cloth, because the raw material of this glue is extracted from wheat and corn, so the environmental protection performance will be more guaranteed

advantages of wall cloth: seamless wall cloth is a trendy product with craft aesthetics and personalized style, which is created by designers and made in conjunction with craftsmen. It can change the wall style and atmosphere most conveniently and quickly, and make the environment rich and vivid. It is the most economical way to upgrade the environment. Areas with high popularity of wall coverings must be areas with high cultural quality and developed economy. In Europe and the United States, the popularity rate is more than 65%, and in Japan, South Korea, Hong Kong, it is as high as 90%. The wall cloth is easy to take care of and has a long service life

environmental protection of wall cloth: in fact, the environmental protection of seamless wall cloth does not completely depend on whether it is cold glue or hot glue, but more on the wall cloth itself. Now most enterprises use natural fabrics as wall coverings, which will not cause pollution




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