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Do not rely on the model room, but check and accept the project quality according to the national standards. When paying the design deposit, it must be noted that "if the owner is not satisfied with the design scheme, the design deposit shall be refunded in full"

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1. Do not rely on the model room, but accept the project quality according to the national standard

2. It must be noted when paying the design deposit, “ If the owner is not satisfied with the design scheme, the design deposit shall be refunded in full &rdquo

3. Indicate the increase or decrease items and other related matters, and indicate the detailed construction methods and material names on the construction drawings as annexes to the contract

4. Before the decoration, try to boast and undertake business. After the completion of the decoration, if there are quality problems, they will run away, and quality and maintenance have become major problems

5. Be careful with the construction team to reduce construction procedures and cut corners to reduce costs. If only two coats of paint should be applied for six coats of paint, the cement will be shoddy

6. Go to the construction department or the supervision company to check the legitimacy of the enterprise

7. Reject materials as inferior. The materials on the quotation are inconsistent with those actually used, especially the use of fake and inferior materials at the grass-roots level to reduce costs

8. It is better to adopt several design schemes, and the owner should combine a complete design scheme

9. Before signing the contract, make clear the materials, construction procedures and service items you need, and check the name, materials, quantity, practice, unit price and total price of the items listed in the quotation

10. Decoration enterprises often use customers who do not understand decoration to intentionally omit items in the construction project list, and then add items to increase the quotation during the construction period

11. When signing the contract, the name and native place of the foreman in charge of the project must be indicated to avoid the temporary employment of the construction team by the enterprise

12. Before signing the contract with the construction enterprise, be sure to talk about your idea of hiring a decoration supervisor

13. Units or individuals who refuse to solicit business in the name of not making money or discounts

14. It must be noted that the proportion of non owner's willingness to increase the funds required for the project is generally not more than 10%

15. Decoration companies or construction teams without reputation, quality and service assurance often adopt “ Open low and walk high ” The practice of quotation is to undertake business

16. Deceive customers with the popular package quotation method, which seems scientific, but the actual project is vague

17. The proportion of early payment must be reduced as much as possible to make yourself take the initiative

18. Don't give up the principle because of greed for small and cheap, and carefully choose reputable and powerful decoration companies or individuals

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