The wooden door industry changes rapidly

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The wooden door industry changes rapidly

China's wooden door industry has experienced less than a few years, from simple to exquisite, from the most basic to luxurious. Although it has achieved good results to a certain extent, the current situation of mixed eyes in the wooden door market still exists

solid wood doors are noble, elegant and artistic, while solid wood composite doors have stable performance and affordable price. The sales volume of solid wood doors has increased significantly. Like the familiar wood flooring, wood door products can also be divided into solid wood and solid wood composite. The sales volume of solid wood doors unexpectedly rose sharply, and the sales volume increased significantly compared with the same period of the previous year. With the gradual weakening of the impact of the financial crisis in China, people's consumer confidence has been greatly enhanced

low price is bound to be the stepping stone for new brands to expand the market, and low price is bound to be at the expense of quality. These enterprises that ignore technology and management are bound to add stain to the wood door industry. In the long run, it is bound to strike consumers' confidence in the wood door industry. Affected by the financial crisis, foreign trade sales have plummeted, and many enterprises that used to operate wooden furniture and wooden flooring have turned to invest in the wooden door industry. Because the wood itself has horizontal and vertical flexibility and water absorption, if it is not effectively maintained and thoroughly dried, it is easy to deform and crack after the finished product. Many small brands and half monks often temporarily feed after receiving orders, and forced drying leads to moisture rebound, which is more likely to cause cracking and deformation of wooden doors. Half monk door enterprises disturb the market, which is also manifested in their familiarity with log performance and lax product control

the internal structure and appearance technology of European American doors are very different from those of traditional Chinese doors. They pay more attention to the variability of lines, the sense of hierarchy of carving and the sense of obsolescence of paint, which is called American painting in the industry. Unlike the brightness and light pursued by Chinese painting, American painting prefers the sense of history of making old things old. It seems serious and monotonous on the surface, but in fact it is rich in inside information. In fact, wooden door products also have a fashionable side like fashion. Wood door products are endowed with high artistic value as functional furniture for home protection and yard protection because of their precious resources and complexity of craftsmanship. People hope to buy something valuable after their quality of life is improved





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