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Green and environmental protection will become the urgent development direction of granulator in the future

under the background of energy conservation and environmental protection, the voice of waste plastic recycling continues to expand, and the demand for plastic granulator also continues to increase

according to the statistics of China's customs, in 2012, China exported 477 plastic granulators, a year-on-year increase of 17.2% and a year-on-year increase of 82.1% in the amount of US $11.2 million. In the same period, 28 sets were imported in total, with a year-on-year increase of 27.3% and USD 12.48 million, a year-on-year decrease of 60.8%

in recent years, the global petrochemical industry has developed very rapidly and violently, and the demand for plastic granulators has increased rapidly, which has broad development prospects. In the face of serious energy and environmental problems, the plastic granulator will become more and more large-scale in the future, and users will have higher and higher requirements for the mechanical stability, energy saving and consumption reduction of the unit

the infection caused by plastic granulator is often an important source of environmental infection in China. Among the most widely used conventional plastic granulators, more than three-quarters are hot air plastic granulators, which have a serious impact on the environment

Luo Baihui pointed out that reducing the energy consumption of 100million tons of standard coal can reduce the emissions of CO2 and SO2 of more than 64million tons in China. Now many rock wool board, phenolic board and thermal insulation mortar materials are super absorbent materials, which have remarkable environmental benefits. It is very urgent to improve the energy conservation and environmental protection requirements of the plastic granulator. After the completion of the plastic granulator system, it will be based on the advantages of rare earth resources in Fujian Province and the basic transformation of the existing rare earth industry in Xiamen

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