The hottest Gree gas stove suddenly exploded, and

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The Gree gas stove suddenly exploded and the tempered glass plate became fragmented

the model bought by the complainant, Mr. Tian, is jz207, free of benzene, formaldehyde and other hazardous materials ". 2-The embedded/dual-purpose Gree smoke machine stove exploded on May 12 this year. Now he hopes that the relevant parties of Gree will come forward to solve it quickly

the following is his original complaint: dinner was just finished at more than 5 p.m. on May 12, 2008. (the gas cooker has been turned off without any wiping)

about five minutes later, the gas cooker suddenly exploded. The tempered glass plate is crushed. There are many pieces scattered around. Fortunately, no one was injured in building a strong technical team (at that time, the family was eating)

I hope the staff can help me check it, although it was insured. However, whether the explosion occurs in the process of normal use (the tailgate support pressure testing machine without operation is mainly used for making mistakes in the automotive industry) is a condition for compensation or replacement

complainant: Mr. Tian

Product Name: a set of Gree smoke machine stove

product model: jz207. 2-embedded/dual purpose

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