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Great Wall Motors' 5g mobile wireless terminal has reached mass production status, leading the 5g era

mechanical and electrical home. It was learned that recently, Great Wall Motors' official wechat announced that recently, Great Wall Motors' 5g mobile wireless terminal has obtained the "radio transmission equipment model approval certificate" issued by the Ministry of industry and information technology, which is the first and only mobile wireless terminal in the world that has reached mass production and sales status and is equipped with 5g. This equipment is exclusively customized and developed by Neusoft group for Great Wall Motors, and Great Wall Motors has the exclusive right to use it

its mass production will not only significantly improve the comprehensive competitiveness of Great Wall Motors in the field of intelligent travel, but also in the future, the products of Great Wall Motors will avoid machine failure and personal injury by means of 5g communication, and carry out higher-speed interconnection with users and the outside world, bringing more unprecedented elements to users' travel life, and greatly increasing the safety, convenience and fun of travel

Great Wall Motors 5g on-board wireless terminal adopts a brand-new platform design, takes into account the installation of various models, and integrates FOTA, Ethernet technology, car coupling safety technology, etc. the first model is the third generation Haval H6, which will be successively applied to other products of Great Wall Motors

as a wireless switch, the on-board wireless terminal provides a remote communication interface for the whole vehicle, which can provide services such as driving data collection, driving safety assurance, vehicle fault monitoring, vehicle remote control (opening and locking, air conditioning control, window control, engine start and stop), driving behavior analysis, wireless hotspot sharing, etc. Integrating 5g into vehicle wireless terminals will bring earth shaking changes to intelligent travel in the future

first of all, it has a certain mosquito repellent effect. Thanks to the 5g faster transmission rate and lower network delay, the "communication efficiency" of the whole vehicle and the outside world will usher in a qualitative change. In addition, with the high-performance chip with stronger computing power, the whole vehicle can complete more huge data processing and data interaction, which brings technical possibilities for achieving a higher level of automatic driving

secondly, 5g is also very helpful for the real-time transmission of high-definition maps. In the automatic driving scene, 5g can provide a good channel for the release of high-precision maps, capture the information of vehicle sensors, upload the dynamic information of the road to the cloud platform, and send it to nearby vehicles from the cloud, so as to improve the overall implementation and accuracy of the preview fine maps before printing, and provide more accurate guidance for vehicle driving

finally, 5g is used to generate high-precision 3D map information through a combination of emerging technologies and a large number of instant message updates, so as to improve the function of vehicle navigation. Vehicles detect, record and share the road conditions of obstacles such as bumps, potholes and dangerous curves. As China's extruder products are closely linked with strategic new industries, a networked hazard map system is established to improve the safety of intelligent travel

in fact, after the arrival of real automatic driving, the car will be an intelligent cockpit for everyone to travel. 5g will increase the application of virtual reality, augmented reality and other technologies, superimpose or embed virtual elements in the video to provide smooth interactive experience, AR experience and so on, so as to make travel more fun

with the progress of science and technology, the above changes may be realized in the near future. Great Wall Motors has taken the lead in taking a big step in the 5g era, laying a solid foundation for building a beautiful blueprint for intelligent travel. In the future, Great Wall Motors will adhere to the principle of "innovation driven development". On the road of transformation to a global technology travel company, it will continue to deepen the development of cutting-edge technologies, lead the industry to make breakthroughs, and constantly create surprises for users

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