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The green building just started needs to push down the benign development with multiple approaches

the green building just started needs to push down the benign development with multiple approaches

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the city is the main battlefield of energy conservation and emission reduction to promote the energy revolution and deal with climate change in the future. Promoting green building is the general trend. According to statistics, 85% of man-made carbon dioxide emissions are generated by cities. Energy saving transformation of existing buildings and vigorous development of green buildings are important strategies and approaches for the construction of low-carbon ecological cities with Chinese characteristics. Green building does not mean three-dimensional greening and roof garden in the general sense, but a building that maximizes energy, land, water and materials conservation, protects the environment and reduces pollution, provides people with healthy, applicable and efficient use space, and coexists harmoniously with nature within the whole life cycle of the building. In march2014, since the Ministry of housing and urban rural development proposed to vigorously develop green buildings and implement the "building energy efficiency improvement project", China's green buildings have developed rapidly, and the number of green building evaluation and identification projects has always maintained a strong growth trend. As of march31,2015, 2887 green building evaluation and identification projects have been evaluated nationwide, with a total construction area of 340million square meters

there are a lot of problems at the beginning

how green buildings work in China's urban development, and whether their energy consumption, incremental cost and satisfaction meet the design goals are important issues of concern to all sectors of society. When evaluating its implementation effect, it should be evaluated from the following dimensions: the technical scheme is economical and reasonable, the operation effect meets the standard, the equipment and system operate stably, the indoor and outdoor environment is good and pollution-free, and the detailed design of the building is in place. In the process of implementation, the most direct and main problem is the rational use of incremental costs. The limited costs should be used in the most important parts and links of green buildings, so as to better make green buildings work. First of all, most green buildings in China have insufficient incremental cost investment to improve indoor environmental quality, and lack new energy utilization equipment such as movable external shading and photovoltaic power generation with automatic control devices, resulting in low comfort of N and R values of building detectable materials; Secondly, some green technologies need to use energy, manpower, material resources, etc. in daily operation to maintain effective functions, replace or upgrade, which will produce incremental costs that exceed those of traditional buildings. The operation incremental costs of adding and removing codes one by one are insufficient, resulting in inadequate equipment operation and maintenance, and failure to make the air drier and repaired in time after damage; Thirdly, the investment in passive technical measures is insufficient, including upgrading the building envelope, adopting building self shading, setting atrium and skylight, etc

the deeper problems in the implementation of green building are policy, supervision and talent. The State Council forwarded the green building action plan in Document No. 1 of 2013. According to this superior law, all provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities will promote green building measures and development planning, but the practical implementation plan to promote green building development needs to be improved and implemented. The responsibilities of many departments involved in the supervision process of construction, land, planning, environmental protection, gardens, housing management and so on are not clear, resulting in difficulties in implementing some technical indicators; In the whole life cycle of green buildings, the supervision is not in place, only focusing on the supervision of early design links, and there is a lack of personnel, technology and quality supervision during the construction process. However, the lax inspection of completion acceptance has resulted in China's green buildings failing to meet the design requirements, and in the operation stage, green buildings become a mere formality due to insufficient investment; At the same time, there is a lack of green building professionals, and the level of professional technology is uneven. The green building consulting service market is still in its infancy, which does not play a strong role in technical support and guidance. It only stays at the level of sorting out application materials, and even misleads developers

multi pronged sound development

based on the current reality, China's green building development should take "adjusting measures to local conditions and being economically applicable" as the basic principle, formulate mandatory technical standards that are convenient for operation by relevant departments, strengthen the supervision and filing of the whole life cycle of green building, and form a green building supervision system based on mandatory standards: local governments are responsible for implementation and coordination, aiming at planning, design, construction drawing review, construction At the stages of acceptance and operation, the division of labor and responsibilities of relevant administrative departments such as construction, development and reform, land, planning and environmental protection shall be clarified

while strengthening the construction of the regulatory system, governments at all levels can set up special funds for green buildings, encourage research on green building construction methods, energy-saving technologies and products, and promote cooperation between universities, scientific research institutes and enterprises; Strengthen the publicity of correct green construction TECHNYL reg; Redx, based on the concept of lower material and production cost, promotes preferential policies such as tax reduction and exemption, uses market means to encourage developers to invest in construction, mobilize consumers' enthusiasm to buy green buildings, and promote the sound development of green buildings in China

in the whole life cycle of project construction, we should adhere to people-oriented, reduce incremental costs and improve the implementation effect of green buildings. In the early stage of design, green building technology and conventional building design are integrated. Green building design and technical concepts are involved in the early stage of the scheme, and passive design, active technology and design scheme are integrated; In the construction process, vigorously advocate the use of passive technology and passive building materials, and vigorously develop "passive houses" in China to save operating costs; In the process of operation, the mode of "interconnection +" is introduced, and a new mode of centralized operation is adopted to improve the level of operation technology and solve the problems of low level of green building operators and insufficient funds

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