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Great Wall Tula plant has made China's automobile industry "wait" for nearly 40 years

International Automobile channel news (Huang Jing): on June 5, Beijing time, Great Wall Motors' Tula plant in Russia was officially completed and put into operation. In fact, the first model Haval F7 produced by the plant was synchronized offline and officially listed in Russia. So far, the Great Wall has completed its important layout for opening up overseas markets. For Great Wall Motors, which has entered the first year of globalization strategy, this day must be a day worthy of being recorded in the history of brand development. At the same time, it will be a day worth remembering for China's automotive industry to show its extraordinary ability in comprehensive solutions for medical devices. Great Wall Motors has taken a solid step towards globalization, which is also a milestone in China's automotive industry. This day is of great significance for the development of China's automobile industry to make OC quality G

Great Wall Motors' Tula plant in Russia was completed and put into operation. In 1983, SAIC assembled Volkswagen Santana, which is the starting point of China's civil automotive industry. At that time, foreign auto companies providing technical support occupied an absolutely dominant position. After the establishment of Shanghai Volkswagen (the predecessor of SAIC Volkswagen), FAW Volkswagen, DPCA, Beijing jeep, Chang'an Suzuki and other joint ventures have been successively established. Without exception, the core technologies in the joint venture brands are all provided by foreign-funded automobile enterprises, and the chips in the hands of Chinese enterprises are the pregnant and growing market

the technology has been completely dependent on foreign parties for nearly 15 years, but this unbalanced cooperation mode has not developed healthily, and many of the above early joint venture brands have become a thing of the past. At the end of the last century, China automobile realized that with such a booming market, China's automobile industry needs its own technology and needs to build its own automobile brand

Great Wall Motors' Tula plant in Russia

at this time, romeodecastro, global product marketing manager of NVIDIA engineering plastics in some countries, said that auto enterprises began to attach importance to enhancing their hematopoietic capacity, and some private enterprises also stepped onto the stage of China's auto industry. In 1990, at the age of 26, weijianjun took over the Great Wall Industrial Company, which had suffered losses for years. A loss making enterprise met an automobile recruit who had no experience in building cars. Great Wall Motors set sail in exploration

at that time, Great Wall Motors, which had no choice but to buy chassis, could only assemble products manually. Although it quickly opened the market with its ultra-high cost performance, the Great Wall was limited by the Industrial Catalogue, and the fledgling Great Wall ushered in the first barrier. In 1995, Great Wall bypassed the catalogue and focused on pickup products. Looking back from 2019, it must be recognized that this is an important and successful decision

the full-automatic production line of Great Wall Motors' Tula factory in Russia

one year after the Great Wall pickup truck was put into operation, great wall successfully opened the Middle East market. In only two years, the 1million pickup trucks of Great Wall drove off the production line and successfully completed the initial development of the brand. Great Wall Motors is a pioneer who dares to eat crabs. The overseas market has also played a vital role in the development of Great Wall Motors and planted the seeds of globalization in the heart of Great Wall Motors. For a long time after that, the self owned brands ushered in a blowout development, and the number of products exported also increased greatly. In 2006, China's automobile exports exceeded 300000. At the peak of 2012, it reached the record of annual export of 1.02 million vehicles

Haval F7 goes offline

the completion and operation of Russia's Tula plant has enabled Chinese automobile enterprises to complete the transformation from importers to producers in overseas markets. The Tula factory, which has invested 500million US dollars over four years and covers the four production processes of stamping, welding, painting and general assembly, not only means that Great Wall Motors has taken root in the overseas market and become a part of the local economy, but also has successfully taken off the cheap hat for Chinese automotive products, deeply participated in the market competition through high-quality global products, and effectively demonstrated the development of China's automotive industry

from 1983 to 2019, from being responsible for assembly to taking root in overseas markets, Great Wall Russia Tula factory has become the most powerful footnote for the rapid and efficient development of China's automotive industry. In the future, China's automobile industry is destined to play an increasingly important role in the global market. It is not only going global, but also staying to show the charm of Chinese quality to the world. (author: Huang Shen picture source: Great Wall Motors)

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