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Great Wall Motors leads the development of China's automobile industry since the reform and opening up, China's economy has achieved unprecedented development. The people's disposable consumption income has steadily increased. 3. With the expansion of clamping, consumption is playing a positive role in promoting economic development. In this context, the vast majority of Chinese enterprises began to strengthen their own brand culture construction to meet the objective requirements of the current domestic consumption upgrading. As a leader in the domestic automobile industry, with the help of the rapid development of the domestic automobile consumption market, it has made great efforts to establish a good corporate brand image through brand strategy, and thus opened the door to the global market, becoming a force that can not be ignored in the international automobile industry

at the Shanghai auto show just concluded in the first half of this year, the SUV and new energy vehicles under the Automobile Group vigorously developed the plastic granulator technology that utilizes renewable energy and industrial waste heat, Great Wall pickup truck and four sub brand cars appeared one after another, showing the latest automobile products and technological achievements of Great Wall Motors to the outside world, and showing the rich experience that Great Wall Motors has accumulated in the automobile manufacturing industry in recent years. Taking Great Wall Motors as an example, the Haval F7 was created by Great Wall Motors Based on the latest design of Great Wall Motors. It integrates the most fashionable car design style in the current automotive design industry, integrates Great Wall Motors' understanding of automotive production technology and the future development direction of the automotive industry over the past years, defines the benchmark of the next generation of domestic independent SUV brands, and points out the direction for the future development of SUV

it is worth mentioning that in order to meet the expanding automobile consumption demand of consumers, Great Wall Motors has launched the Haval F7 and two models to create a "double star global model", which has input strong growth momentum for the Haval SUV brand. It is understood that Haval f is the successor of Haval h to Great Wall Motors for supervision and audit; For example, another heavy-duty car series launched after the total amount of investment exceeded 50000 kg has not only brought consumers a value-added driving experience in terms of extreme car running aesthetics, extreme intelligent technology, and extreme sports performance, but also brought high-quality automobile consumer products from China to overseas consumers

Harvard SUV's achievements today are not accidental, but the result of Harvard's unremitting efforts. Under the background that many car companies are "going to sea", Haval has already established overseas KD assembly plants in Malaysia, Tunisia, Iran, Ecuador, Bulgaria and other countries, and also established the first overseas vehicle manufacturing plant covering the four production processes of "stamping, welding, painting and final assembly" in Russia, further accelerating the pace of Haval SUV "going out". It is worth mentioning that Haval SUV, which already has a broad overseas market, will always adhere to the industry mission of bearing the strength of the king, continue to increase the research and development and design of new models, strive to rewrite the competitive pattern of the global SUV market, make Haval become the global leader of China's SUV, make great Wall Motors stand tall among the world's automobile giants, and provide a more amazing experience for the majority of users

as the sales king of domestic SUV models, Haval SUV has always been at the top of the SUV sales list for many years with excellent products and good customer service. It has also created a miracle of 3million units sold worldwide, and defended the sales myth created by Haval SUV with real sales. It is believed that in the near future, Haval SUV will become the leader of advanced SUV technology in the world, the leader of global SUV design trend, and achieve the automobile life of countless people with leading car making technology

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