The 2019 Qiandao Lake three-day tour of Yi Gao's f

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The company organized families to start spring tourism in batches. Now the first group of families of the company have successfully completed their "three-day tour of Qiandao Lake in Hangzhou" and are returning happily

with the spring breeze, the annual tourism season of Yigao begins again. In order to enrich the cultural life of employees without affecting the overall production progress, this year, the company organized family members in batches to travel in spring (the first batch of April 14-16, the second batch of April 21-23, Qiandao Lake in Hangzhou) and summer (Qingdao, Lushan in late July). At present, the first group of Yi Gao's family members have returned happily from the "three-day tour of Qiandao Lake in Hangzhou"

April on earth makes Hangzhou drunk. Families ride in the wind at the "shangjiangbu bridge", take a luxury cruise to visit the beautiful "Thousand Island Lake scenic spot", stay in the "Chun'an Museum" to accept the baptism of history and humanities, shuttle through the "forest oxygen bar" with fresh oxygen circulation, and place themselves in an excellent ecological environment

the beauty and food of spring outing should not be let down. During the trip, the company selected the dishes with the most local characteristics for the family, spicy and delicious, enjoying the delicious taste of the tip of the tongue

group 1

group 2

group 3

Yi Gao has always adhered to the management concept of "people-oriented". In addition to organizing employees to travel every year, it pays more attention to the growth of employees and creates a high-quality office, dining and accommodation environment; Provide professional skills training and organize colorful literary and artistic activities, so that families can enjoy life after work, enhance their sense of belonging, improve cohesion, and reflect the humanistic care of the company




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