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Some aluminum alloy door and window enterprises have contradictions between sales and production in the process of development. The front-end sales performance is good, but the production cannot keep up in time, resulting in customer complaints and many unnecessary after-sales service problems. Or, the production scale is large, but the sales volume cannot go up, resulting in overcapacity and overstocking of warehouses

industry experts have made an image metaphor for the relationship between production and sales. Experts believe that production and sales are like two legs of a person climbing stairs for the high-end customized aluminum alloy door and window industry. Whichever leg is OK first, even if it's OK at the same time, but if one leg takes a big step, the pressure on the other leg will be great

then, what should be the balance between marketing and production? The general manager of an aluminum alloy door and window benchmarking brand believes that "marketing should be slightly ahead of production. Marketing means that enterprises actively explore the market, and to explore the market, product and technology innovation is essential. Innovation can optimize the production process and improve product competitiveness. In short, marketing can optimize production."

how should a sustainable aluminum door and window enterprise deal with the contradiction between production and marketing? Mr. Gao Jianfang introduced three methods to reporters

timely update equipment and innovative technology

the demand for aluminum alloy doors and windows now accounts for 45% of the total demand for doors and windows. Facing such a huge demand, enterprises must have the support of matching productivity and modern scientific and technological production equipment to occupy a place in the industry. Yibo doors and windows regularly update the digital cutting sawing machine, seamless welding machine and other advanced equipment imported from Germany, and upgrade the production technology to reach the international advanced level, so as to ensure that the production capacity of Yibo doors and windows has enough reserved space to meet the sales growth

the upgrading of production technology can also bring more sales orders to enterprises. Yibo doors and windows upgrades production technology and improves product quality at the same time. As one of the core competitions of enterprises, the improvement of quality can drive the growth of sales, and finally achieve the synchronous growth of production and sales

fine control of production and marketing process

the cumbersome process between sales and production will also open the pace of sales and production, resulting in the imbalance of production and marketing. The steps of aluminum door and window products from production to sales are generally: receiving orders, arranging production, workshop production, installation and commissioning, unpacking, distribution and delivery. Yibo doors and windows, which originated from Germany, has very strict control over the process. President Gao told reporters that every step of the production and marketing process of Yibo doors and windows is managed by a specially assigned person, who strictly monitors the details and controls the time consumption, so as to ensure that the production and marketing process is low error and efficient, and shorten the production and marketing spacing

steadily expand sales channels

the importance of sales channels for aluminum alloy door and window enterprises need not be emphasized, but in fact, many enterprises have a wrong understanding of sales channels - the more, the better. As a result, many enterprises blindly attract investment, resulting in sales exceeding production output. On the contrary, enterprises fall into the vortex of customer complaints and after-sales service, and ultimately even affect the brand reputation. Yibo doors and windows believes that the sales channel should be steadily expanded. Taking investment promotion and franchise as an example, we first need to measure the productivity of the enterprise and whether it can meet the needs of dealers; Secondly, it measures whether the dealers have the strength to reach a certain sales quota with the strong support of Bo doors and windows. Controlling sales channels is also the way to control the balance of production and sales

the characteristics of the aluminum alloy door and window industry have not changed, and the contradiction between production and marketing will always exist. For enterprises, it is important to control the balance between the two. For the control of production and marketing balance, in addition to the efforts of the enterprise itself, it can also communicate and cooperate with upstream and downstream partners, reach a consensus in communication, and find a win-win situation in cooperation





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