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Longtuzhu is a kind of flower plant with peculiar flower shape. Now it is generally planted in pots to decorate the home environment. How about the breeding method of longtuzhu? Pictures of longtuzhu. Xiaobian will take you to know:

longtuzhu is a kind of flower plant with unique flower type. Now it is generally potted to decorate the home environment. How about the breeding method of longtuzhu? Pictures of longtuzhu. Xiaobian takes you to know:

basic information of longtuzhu:

longtuzhu is also called Pearl baocao, pearl Baolian, stinky peony vine, Hedyotis diffusa, kylin Tuzhu, etc. it is native to tropical West Africa. It has not been cultivated for a long time in China. The flowers are peculiar in shape and flourish. It is mainly used for greenhouse cultivation and viewing, can be used as a flower rack, and can also be used as a potted plant to decorate the windowsill and small courtyard in summer. The whole grass can be used as medicine. Summer seems to be a world of white flowers, and longtuzhu, famous for its simplicity, is one of them. As a wonderful flower in southern China, longtuzhu's flowers are prismatic calyx composed of bracts, like milk white “ Carambola ”, Between the cracks at its tip, five crimson flowers spit out, which are densely and evenly covered on the leaves. In summer, they tenaciously resist the heat, spitting out one red bead after another containing the fire of life. Generally, potted plants grow very short due to the restriction of pruning. In fact, it is a semi vine with branches of more than one foot. It can be used in parks or tourist bases to build flower baskets, arches, pavilions and various patterns, adding elegance to tourists

cultivation method of longtuzhu:

1. Soil: longtuzhu potted soil is made of fertile, loose and well drained sandy loam. Potting soil or mixed soil of peat soil and coarse sand

2. Watering: the two main links of watering and pruning should be well mastered for potted dragon spitting beads. Longtuzhu likes to be wet and requires sufficient water during growth and development. But watering too much and the pot soil is too wet, which is easy to cause the leaves to turn yellow and fall off. During the growth period, pay attention to watering evenly. The basin soil should always be kept wet, and should not be too wet or too dry, nor should it be wet and dry suddenly

3. Sunshine: put it in the yard or on the south balcony after the weather turns warm in spring, and give full light in spring and autumn. If it is hot in summer, it should be placed under the shade or in a shaded place

4. Temperature: the suitable temperature for the growth of longtuzhu is 18 ~ 24 ℃, 18 ~ 30 ℃ from February to October, and 13 ~ 16 ℃ from October to next February. In winter, the temperature is not lower than 8 ℃, and the stems and leaves above 5 ℃ are vulnerable to freezing damage. The light ones cause fallen leaves, and the heavy ones cause the tender stems to wither. During vegetative growth, the temperature can be higher, above 30 ℃, as long as the water supply is sufficient, it can still grow normally. The temperature of reproductive growth, that is, the flowering stage, should be low, about 17 ℃

5. Fertilization: fertilization should not be too much. Apply rotten thin cake fertilizer and water every 7-10 days in the flowering season, and apply it continuously for 3-4 times. If yellowness is found in the cultivation process of longtuzhu, it can be combined with Topdressing and 0.2% ferrous sulfate water to gradually turn the leaves from yellow to green

6. Pests: the main pests include scale insects, whitefly, etc., which can be sprayed with 40% Omethoate 1000 to 1500 times. If the leaves cannot stretch normally due to alkaline soil, and the leaves lose green and turn yellow, they can be watered with 0.2% ferrous sulfate solution. For mosaic and fungal diseases, it is necessary to remove the fallen diseased leaves in time, strengthen ventilation, and keep the leaves dry, which can control the disease

7. Pruning: during growth and development, pay attention to pinching, control the height of branches, and make branches neat. After each flower withers, the flower stems should be cut in time to make the plant low and plump. Adopting such heavy cutting method can not only promote the flowers and leaves to flourish the next year, but also avoid the trouble of setting up brackets

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