Housing decoration loan how to loan for housing de

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When applying for personal housing decoration loan, the borrower shall provide the following information in addition to the borrower's information in handling personal housing loan: (1) the original contract or letter of intent for housing decoration, decoration budget and relevant information. (2) If there is a designated remittance merchant, the merchant's bank account number shall be provided. (3) If the borrower's house has been mortgaged in the bank and has not been fully repaid, a copy of the "personal house purchase loan contract" of the original personal housing loan and the "other item certificate" with mortgage set must be provided. (4) The mortgage appraisal report issued by the appraisal institution approved by the lender. Other procedures are the same as general loans. Housing decoration loan refers to the loan issued by the bank to the borrower for the decoration of self owned housing. The maximum percentage shall not exceed 50%, and the loan term shall not exceed 5 years




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