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From July 8 to 11, 2016, Ivan made a wonderful debut at the 18th Guangzhou Construction Expo with its new products, attracting many exhibitors and exhibitors to come to the exhibition hall to inquire and negotiate cooperation

home hotline reported that from July 8 to 11, 2016, Ivan's whole home made a wonderful debut at the 18th Guangzhou Construction Expo with new products, attracting many exhibitors and exhibitors to come to the exhibition hall to inquire and negotiate cooperation. Ivan is a brand of Wenzhou Jiale decorative materials Co., Ltd. this time, the reporter of Huiya information home hotline interviewed zhuxiaoxin, the planning manager of Ivan. Zhu said that the purpose of this exhibition is to promote the brand and attract investment, and brought new cabinets and cloakrooms. In addition, Zhu said that word-of-mouth is very important for enterprises. Many new customers of Ivan are recommended by old customers

interview guests: zhuxiaoxin, planning manager of Wenzhou Jiale decorative materials Co., Ltd.

wooden door world: This is the 18-year-old initiation ceremony of the China Construction Expo. What is the purpose of your enterprise to come to the exhibition

manager Zhu: there are two purposes for us to participate in the exhibition. One is brand publicity. Our Ivan mainly produces whole home furnishings, including a publicity of the concept of whole house customization. The second purpose is to attract investment. Because we are a production-oriented enterprise, our purpose is still to attract investment, and we want to do an investment in all parts of the country. For the customization concept of the industry, we have launched our wine cabinets, cabinets and other new products in March and July, and our main products are gold painting series. In addition, it also combines some traditional products, such as bookcases and tatami, to show you a new concept

wooden door world: many enterprises have introduced preferential policies for joining in this China Construction Expo. How strong is your enterprise in supporting dealers

manager Zhu: our support for dealers will be reflected in franchised stores, policy support, etc. for example, this exhibition has some policy concessions, financial support, advertising support, sales support, after-sales support, etc. we combine online and offline, mall o2o mode, etc. to make franchised stores better marketing

wooden door world: customized home is Ivan's main product. How do you see the future development of the customization industry

manager Zhu: customization is that we should fully meet the needs of customers, make full use of every inch of space in the home, reflect the role of whole house customization, and let customers fully experience a personalized psychology different from the traditional rigid home. Because our whole house customization is to meet the needs of customers, including wood doors, floors, wallboards and other all-in-one color, which is also our biggest feature this year

wooden door world: there are many brands and dealers participating in this exhibition. What have we learned from Ivan

manager Zhu: speaking of harvest, we still have to say that we receive more orders every day. This year, many new customers are introduced by old customers and brought by the good reputation of previous years. So it proves that the products we show our customers are still very good, including the design concept, beauty and fashion of the products

wooden door world: so Ivan pays great attention to the way of word-of-mouth marketing

manager Zhu: many of our new customers are brought by our old customers because our products are good. In addition, through this exhibition, we hope to attract customers to our brand, and customers still recognize our brand. Compared with ordinary enterprises, our technology is still in place, including product design, manufacturing, product pattern and so on. In general, whether it is the exhibition in March or this exhibition, our products still attract people's attention




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