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On March 27, the 2019 customized goddess competition jointly hosted by Guangdong customized home association and Sina home was held at Poly World Trade Expo. Zheng Xiaoshan, the customized goddess of Kefan, won the "most photogenic goddess" award in the 2019 customized goddess competition

on March 27, on the second day of Guangzhou customized home exhibition, the 2019 customized goddess competition, jointly sponsored by Guangdong customized home association and Sina home, was grandly held in Guangzhou Poly World Trade Expo. With high appearance and elegant temperament, Kefan customized goddess Zheng Xiaoshan won the "most photogenic goddess" award in the 2019 customized goddess competition

the original intention of the customized goddess competition is to select a woman with outstanding appearance, professional and talent, and to condense the focus of social attention with an intellectual image. In this finals, ten goddesses representing the peak of customized home appearance competed on the same stage at the grand ceremony of the finals, showing their youthful demeanor, and conquered all the audience with professional, intellectual, fashionable images and talents

from the preliminaries to the finals, the 2019 customized goddess competition has gone through several months, just to prepare wonderful performances for everyone. Next, let's go to the finals with Xiao Ke and have a look at the goddesses ~

the bright "flame" beauty

competition officially began in the opening show of the goddesses. The top ten beauties came in beautiful gowns and walked gracefully through the rhythmic music. People couldn't help but be stunned when they raised their hands and feet

price "position" Liancheng

in a beautiful atmosphere, the host opened, and the beauties introduced themselves in order. From this link, we can see how the custom goddess is refined

it may be the basic condition to have appearance, but more importantly, it should be to customize the home platform with an image that pays equal attention to beauty and wisdom. A person's self-restraint and the charm emanating from every move and gesture will add points to her appearance

the goddess of Kefan put on her professional clothes and showed her professional quality through professional answers and wonderful scheme explanations, which vividly reflected the professional image of Kefan people


in the personal talent show, all the beauties did their best and performed in turns, which was wonderful

the beauties competed with each other, bringing talent shows such as singing, dancing, zither and paper cutting, and presenting a wonderful audio-visual feast for the audience and guests


then, the top ten beauties showed graceful dancing, bringing visual enjoyment to the guests on the scene, and the atmosphere was very warm

in this pleasant atmosphere, the award ceremony officially began. Kefan customized Zheng Xiaoshan won the "most photogenic goddess Award" for her high appearance, lively and cheerful personality and witty response

both beauty and strength

at this Guangzhou customized home exhibition, Kefan customization has a deep insight into popular trends, adheres to the design concept of less is more, presents the natural aesthetics of products and space, and allows people in it to have a real product experience. The design concept of this exhibition is to return to the essence of life, create new products with light luxury style, and advocate LOHAS lifestyle. It covers four spaces: living room, kitchen, cloakroom, and children's room, meeting the beautiful imagination of current mainstream consumers on aesthetics

Zheng Xiaoshan, the goddess of Kefan, participated in this customized goddess competition on behalf of the enterprise, showing you a fashionable and dynamic industry image, which coincides with the brand temperament of Kefan and deserves its name

just like Kefan customization, it has been focusing on the beauty of products, design and services for 13 years. With design as the core competitiveness and user needs as the core, it has built a "big design + smart industry chain" business model, and is committed to creating a quality life with both beauty and function for all consumers

[about Kefan customization]

Kefan, founded in 2006, is headquartered in Guangdong Industrial Design City, an influential industrial design demonstration base in China. It is a full house customization solution service provider integrating home research and development, design, intelligent manufacturing and service. Kefan adheres to the strategy of serving the country with design, takes design innovation as the driving force, and takes scientific and technological customization as the means, uses cloud technology to achieve C2B mass customization, makes every effort to create a unique business model of "big design + smart industrial chain", promotes enterprises to realize n2c NEW retail upgrading, and finally moves towards smart home operators. The enterprise advocates the core value concept of "less is more", advocates a simple and happy life attitude, leads the home style of simple decoration, light luxury, and uncommon, adheres to the business approach of "Fang Zhengping", takes on the important task of green home and environmental protection with gratitude, always adheres to the design dream, works hard for the popularization of customized home, and strives for the internationalization of intelligent furniture manufacturing




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