Four colorful children's room decoration cases to

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Adults and children have dreams, so should children have a good dream platform since childhood! Here are a few colorful children's room decoration cases to create a common dream space for adults and children

the long and narrow children's room is designed against the wall. A small window is opened in the south part, with beds and toys on one side. The light and sunshine under the window are very good, so it's good to be a small leisure area. Bright colors are necessary for children's rooms. It may be a little too much to paint the walls in colorful colors, so you might as well move to the carpet. The colorful colors match the four small chairs perfectly

the elegant pastoral style is more suitable for girls' decoration. Your little princess will fall in love with this gift you gave him. The warm white bed with small broken flower sheets is very comfortable. The flower shaped decorative lamp twined on the bedstead must also be the favorite of children

light pink and light blue will make the whole space very cute. The white and pink striped curtain at the head of the bed is probably what every girl wants. The princess style bed is also very comfortable

there are a group of butterflies on the wall, and the butterfly curtain hanging on the window makes the whole room full of fantasy. The most important thing in a child's room is creativity. A paper flower and a row of fences are good design schemes. The garden like space is believed to be the favorite paradise for girls. (editor xuyuqin)





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