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Yifa little boy's silent window is launched worldwide, shocking the market, so that you can experience the ultimate model of elegance

super mute


the national unified price is 799 yuan/square meter

2019 Yifa door and window new product tasting

as the leader of high-end doors and windows, Yifa has long focused on the R & D and production of high-end doors and windows. In order to meet the needs of multi-level consumers, improve the core competitiveness of Yifa door and window products, and eliminate the low-quality door and window market, Yifa little boy silent window is proudly listed

modern, simple, elegant, atmospheric, its exquisite appearance and elegant lines let us experience the model of extreme elegance. Novel and unique style, charming design, minimalist style, simple but not simple

under the condition of adhering to quality and integrity and daring to promise delivery time, more consumers can use doors and windows with ultra-high cost performance, higher performance and high-end brands, which is a solid foundation for the future development of the company

for consumers, the Yifa little boy mute window, which has the title of "king of cost performance", improves the performance of the product from the profile structure, glass technology, door and window accessories as a whole, and the noise reduction effect is greater than 39 dB. It is the product with the most price advantage in the whole door and window industry, and it also meets the personalized needs of contemporary young people

tempered glass ・ more sound insulation

residential developers mostly use "ordinary building grade glass", which has many impurities, poor flatness, many bubbles in the glass, poor sound insulation and easy self explosion

"little boy" mute window adopts Xinyi brand automobile grade tempered glass, which is clear, with less impurities, high flatness and stronger sound insulation performance

large and medium space ・ more sound insulation

ordinary building glass is hollow glass, and the gap in the middle is only 6 mm, 9 mm, or 12 mm

"little boy" mute window adopts super large insulating glass with a gap of 15mm. Large and medium-sized space ・ makes noise reduction more "quiet"

good hardware ・ more sound insulation

ordinary windows use miscellaneous domestic hardware. The adhesive strip is very hard. After closing the window, the gap is large. Gas, water and sound are transmitted into the room through small gaps, and the experience is extremely poor

"little boy" silent window adopts Hoppe sealing handle lock imported from Germany, which is matched with EPDM sealant strip. The adhesive strip is thicker and softer, the window sealing performance is stronger, and the sound insulation is better

it is not only simple and magnificent, but also gives people a feeling of peace and tranquility. It is more capable in a low-key way. This novel, fashionable and considerate "popular product" really enables consumers to enjoy high-end products at medium and low-end prices and make them with conscience





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